Lancashire artist and Gallery owner, Sarah Jane Bellwood, has generously donated her observational painting of seemingly everyday objects to the New Light Collection.

Growing up in the Lake District, Sarah reveals that her influences include Beatrix Potter and the 16th Century still life painter, Juan Sanchez Cotan. Her works are often influenced by the natural world and reflect her interest in entymology collections in the careful placing of her subjects. Sarah has been exhibiting her work since 1985. Until recently she taught painting and creative drawing at Lancaster University, where she received her degree.

She recently won the North of England award at the prestigious National Open Art Competition for her painting, ‘Live.Eat.Kill.Die’ and has now been taken on by the prestigious Panter and Hall gallery in London. She was shortlisted for the New LIght Prize Exhibition in 2015 with two pieces ‘Steel.Steal’ and ‘Kiss.Me.Kill.Me’.

Steel.Steal’ looks at the male role and was painted during the collapse of the North East’s steal industry, ‘Kiss me. Kill me’ looks at the role of women through insect social structures and domestic implements.

Sarah Jane Bellwood, 'Kiss Me.Kill Me', 76x95cm, £2500

Sarah says “I chose to donate ‘Kiss.Me.Kill.Me’ to the New Light Collection, firstly [because] it was such an honour to be asked. The New Lights Competition is vital to showcase the work of Northern painters who do not have ready access to London, these artists struggle to be seen as the residue of collectors and galleries dwindles the further North you go.

It is hoped that the work will serve as a starting point for discussion in both schools and prisons. It good for others to see a body of differing work, tackling differing issues. Often those in education who are artistic feel isolated as that may be their only ability. Hopefully there will be one artist there that they can identify with in some way.”

Sarah Jane Bellwood, 'Steel.Steal', 54x73cm, watercolour, £1100

We are delighted that Sarah’s painting will join The New Light Collection – a permanent collection of works by some of the most highly regarded Northern artists working today. Through the collection, we aim to make the best of Northern visual arts available to those who don’t normally have easy access to it.

The collection will be made available for loan, without charge, to public bodies and charities such as schools, hospitals, hospices etc.  which allows them to experience the thrill of having art of the highest quality on the walls of their buildings.

The New Light Collection is planned to be launched in 2017.




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