Debbie Loane is our third Swinton Park exhibitor to be featured. Debbie graduated in Fine Art from Leeds University in 1995 and now lives and works just north of York. She comes from a largely agricultural background and, as a painter working with the landscape, feels constantly challenged to create work which acknowledges the romantic splendour of the Northern landscape, whilst, at the same time, remaining rooted in the daily practicalities of rural life.

Debbie believes that every individual has the potential to impose something different and unique on what he or she sees. In this way, contemporary landscape painting can give her the freedom to express the literal while also acknowledging pasts, presents and futures both real and projected,documented or dreamed.

As well as previously running the Lund Gallery, Debbie has exhibited in many shows, including a major solo project at the Ryedale Folk Museum.

If you would like to come to the Private View at Swinton Park on Thursday 26th June, tickets are available from

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