Jake Mullins

Jake Mullins is a Fine Art graduate from Leeds Arts University currently living and working in Wakefield.

Since January 2018 his work has been exhibited in multiple group exhibitions such as ‘Something Called Home’, Lancaster, ‘Living Terra’, York and the ‘Huddersfield Summer Exhibition’. His work has also been shortlisted for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2016, the Secret Art Prize 2017 and the Sunny Art Prize 2018.

As a painter Jake Mullins is interested in depicting abstracted compositions and still life pieces commenting on the idea of ‘good taste’ and modern design. Growing up in a small home in rural Yorkshire, Mullins is fascinated with the idea of the ‘perfect home’ being represented through department store set-ups such as John Lewis and glossy home-oriented magazines similar to that of holiday brochures. In contrast to the home he is also intrigued by how public spaces such as hotel receptions, office spaces and beauty salons seem to follow a similar formula in their construction. They all appear to contain minimal decor; a potted plant sat alone in the corner surrounded by empty space and light wood surfaces.