Patsy Whiting

Patsy Whiting was born in Bolton and studied in Loughborough and Manchester. After a period of working as an artist, whilst bringing up a family, she began a career in teaching art.

Teaching art eventually led, through specialist training, to an Educational Audiology post in Bolton Sensory Service, working with deaf children aged 3-18.

Patsy continued to produce art throughout her career in deaf education, working in a variety of media, including print, sculpture and painting. During the course of her teaching she developed skills in visual presentation and digital animation which became her key expressive medium. However, a visit to the Picasso museum in Paris a few years ago inspired her to begin drawing again in earnest and to leave teaching. She now has a studio in Loughborough, Leicestershire. Last week things changed.

Artist’s statement

My still lives and figures are drawn on a roughly textured pastel ground. The image is built up gradually in layers from detailed photographs, focussing on a small area at a time. It is the play of light which fascinates and challenges me. I love the process of taking away the black to make a form appear out of the shadow.