New Light has grown dramatically since its first prize exhibition in 2011, and is looking for a committed volunteer to lead the organisation for the next few years.

The role is part-time, based from home, with some travel to sponsors, galleries and team meetings. The required commitment can fluctuate significantly according to the New Light’s diary, but averages 1-2 days per week over the year.


New Light exists to promote and celebrate the wonderful contemporary art* being produced in the North of England. It does this through three main channels:


Our main exhibition is a biennial prize exhibition at which significant prizes are awarded. The main prize is named after our Patron, Valeria Sykes, and is chosen by an independent panel of judges sourced from the art world. We also have a Patron’s Choice Award, which Valeria Sykes selects, the Swinton Foundation Prize and Visitors’ Choice Awards.

The Prize Exhibition opens in a significant art venue in the North of England before a tour of short-listed artists commences. New Light would like to improve upon the number of venues in the tour, and especially wishes to gain presence in the regions we are less well known in.

In addition to the Prize Exhibition, New Light tends to arrange at least one other exhibition between prize years to raise our profile and funds.

Art for All

The purpose of our Art for All arm is to increase engagement with art in the region. In the past, we have done this through workshops, talks and – for the first time in 2015 – a week-long project in a school.

Our intention is to move away from the workshops and to focus on the schools projects, and occasional talks. Both these activities are anticipated to coincide with the Prize Exhibitions.

The New Light Collection

The Collection is a body of work by artists who either live or were born in the North of England. The works can be borrowed by public spaces free of charge, and by corporate bodies in exchange for a donation.

The Collection is a new venture for New Light, and is yet to be launched. Our desire is for the Collection to be a significant body of work that is recognised as being the best body of work by northern artists.

* The art New Light focuses its attention on is described as “skills-based wall hung work that does not require a power source and excludes digital imagery and photography.”


  1. Strategy

In consultation with the Board and team, devise and implement the strategy for New Light’s continued growth.

  1. Team management

Besides the core team of volunteers, New Light currently engages two people on a self-employed basis to cover the bulk of the work. The Operations Coordinators fulfil most aspects of marketing, exhibitions management, Collection management, administration and meetings management. They work on a flexible basis from home, with a commitment from New Light of a minimum number of hours per week.

  1. Budget management

The main responsibility for the budget lies with the Chief Exec.

Responsible, in consultation with the Board, for budget-setting; reporting to both the Board and wider team; and for payments (including banking, cheque-signing).

  1. Project management

The Chief Exec’s role varies according to project, sometimes it is oversight, sometimes more directly managerial. For example, the School’s Project in 2015 was almost entirely run by a New Light volunteer, while the negotiations with The Bowes Museum for the 2015 Prize Exhibition rested mostly with the Chief Executive.

  1. Fundraising

This has been, and will continue to be, key to the New Light’s development.

New Light has never had a significant endowment, so funds have been raised each year. So far, this has been done through the patronage of Valeria Sykes, sponsorship and exhibitions.

Finding new sponsors for our work, and ensuring all supporters of New Light remain engaged is an important part of the role, with the support of the wider team and the New Light Board.

Very little work has been done to apply for grants, and we believe there are a number of trusts and other bodies that would support New Light’s work. The current Operations Coordinators have experience in this area.

  1. Communications

The Chief Executive acts as advocate and ambassador for New Light in particular but also occasionally for the art in the region in general.

 Skills & Attributes Required


  • A love of art, especially that produced through the application of practiced skills
  • A passion for the North of England
  • A high standard of written and verbal communication
  • The ability to efficiently use Microsoft Word, Excel and (usefully) PowerPoint
  • The ability to work with and motivate a mixed team of volunteers and paid individuals
  • The ability to be draw people together to define and deliver a strategy for continued growth


  • An understanding of:
    • how charities can operate
    • PR
    • Social Media
    • The role of the media (written, on-line and broadcast)
  • Experience of “the art world” as a collector, artist, or patron; or from having worked in a public or commercial gallery.

Please apply to (with a CV and covering letter) if you feel you have the correct skills and experience.

Deadline for applications FRIDAY 27 MAY 5pm.

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