The New Light Collection is available free of charge to public bodies.

All public spaces in the North of England are welcome to borrow the New Light Collection including schools, prisons and hospitals, giving everyone the chance to experience and enjoy the region’s rich artistic heritage at first hand.

We will arrange delivery to your site and can also help with hanging the works (this will incur a charge to cover costs). If you would like to find out more including the dates the Collection is available, please contact us.

14 artworks from the Collection are currently on loan to York Teaching Hospital, Over the next 12 months we will occasionally remove some of them and add new pieces to the exhibition so there will always be something new to enjoy. We believe, as does the York Hospital Arts Team, that art enhances the care environment and improves health and wellbeing. Staff, patients and visitors benefit from a diverse display of art throughout the hospital, both in public areas and in the wards. During the exhibition, New Light and the Arts Team will be providing artist-run workshops for staff and patients.

The Exhibition has been professionally installed by Hang My Art  to further complement and reflect the quality of the New Light Collection. We are very grateful for their continued expertise, advice and support.

York Hospital June 2017

York Hospital JUne 2017 2