Northern Lights – A 10 Year Retrospective of New Light Art

In celebration of 10 years of the New Light Prize Exhibition, we are excited to announce that we will be holding a retrospective in collaboration with the Saul Hay Gallery in Manchester March 26th – April 17th.

Northern Lights celebrates the artistic journey of New Light’s award winning artists over the last ten years. Prize winners from the last 5 Prize Exhibitions have been invited to submit work for inclusion, guaranteeing an exhibition of exceptional quality. The exhibition will feature work by Nat Quinn, Josie Jenkins, Mandy Payne, Christopher Cook and 2020 winner Joanna Whittle, amongst a stellar cast of 25 artists.  Entries  include paintings, prints, ceramics and sculpture across a range of disciplines with subjects from the  familiar to raising awareness of devastating global issues.  It promises to be a diverse and thought provoking exhibition and we very much look forward to sharing it with you this spring. All artwork will be available to purchase. 

Top Image – A selection of winner’s artwork from 2011 – 2021:

left to right – ‘Seen’ – Linnet Rubaya, ‘Fun’ – Alan Stones, ‘Josephine’ – Joshua Waterhouse, ‘Marshlands’ – Neil Bousfield, ‘Thought Fox’ – Justin Coburn, ‘Dance Drawing No. 7’ – Karolina Szymkiewicz, ‘Autumn’s Crown’ – Diana Armstrong, ‘Elegy II’ – Christopher Hall, ‘Figs’ – Anna Poulton’, ‘Lucky Jim’ – Gavin Watson, ‘Five O’clock Shadow’ – Matthew Child, ‘Untitled, Orange’ – Nat Quinn.

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